Bonzai was, up until four years ago, one of one hundred
hand picked royal guards known as the Lesont.

More of a functional private army than simple watchmen,
the Lesont were fully integrated into, and worked in tandem
with, all levels of government, and served their country as
they could. Still, their first loyalty was always to the king.

Four years ago, in the midst of a rioting populace, the last
Lorasian king was assassinated by twelve Lesont guards,
resulting in the declaration of the Democratic Republic
of Lorasia.

Today, all of the Lesont have been retired, taken in by the
new government, or, unofficially, executed.

All but one.


The original Lesont organization was designed as a three-tier
system: the academy, the Guardsmen, and the Lesont itself.
Though officially comprised of only one hundred members,
upwards of five hundred individuals were considered connected
to the group at any given time.

While the one hundred Lesont themselves served as the king's
guards and other public functions, the Guardsmen, a much
vaster group were also employed to provide auxiliary manpower,
to assist the active Lesont, and for recruitment purposes.

Enigma graduated from the academy while Bonzai was already
serving as a Guardsman. He served as a mechanic and engineer
for seven years, until the revolution prompted him to leave the
capitol city of Olora for less hostile ground.

About the Creator

Andrew Bonia is from St. John's Newfoundland, and
is trained as an actor, writer, and vocalist. You'll notice
that "artist" isn't on that list, which is why it has taken
him this long to get into comics.

Chaos Chronicles is based on an idea that has been
germinating for over ten years. It is an attempt to explore
themes of loyalty, freedom and democracy under the
guise of a fantasy cartoon. Stylistically, it takes its
inspiration from the great sci-fi/fantasy cartoons, comics
and movies from the late 70's and 80's, such as Masters
of the Universe
, and Heavy Metal. At the moment, this
collective style is called 'Sandpunk'.

Andrew currently lives in Connecticut with his wife Ainsley,
while she finishes her degree.

You can reach him at and tell
him if this stuff is working.

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